filling the gap

life has no meaning,
wherever we are , we are here because we fill the gap,
between past and future,
between we and others,
between colors, faces, and places,
between different pictures and different movies that we look at,
there, always in the verge of the middle,
we make it complete, fulfilled, finite.
We fill the gap in the unlimited universe,
making it limited,
or vice versa,
making us unlimited in a limited universe.
we fill the gap,
between the stone and the flesh,
between the dark and the sunshine,
we fill the gap between continents,
between the ugly and the beauty,
and we keep moving,
or stay still ,
or vice versa,
we fill the gap,
we r lost in translation,
ask google
llenamos la brecha,
between the me and the you,
between the old and the new,
ancient and youth,
we fill the gap,
llenamos el vacio,
words are easy and free, and useless
we fill the gap, ask google
llenamos el hueco,
llenamos el vacio,
llenamos el espacio,
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